Property Taxes are different for each County in Hawaii.  There are also Homeowner Exemptions.



FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2024 TO JUNE 30, 2025


Tax Rate Per $1,000

Net Taxable Real Property Value

Class (A)

Residential (Properties with Home Exemption. Must be Primary Residence)

$ 3.50

Class (B)

Hotel and resort


Class (C)



Class (D)



Class (E)


$ 5.70

Class (F)


$ 5.70

Class (G)

Public service

$ 0.00

Class (H)

Vacant agricultural

$ 8.50

Class (I)

Residential A (Properties without a Home Exemption)

Tier 1:



$ 4.00


Tier 2:


Class (J)

Bed and Breakfast


Class (A) Residential with a Home Exemption. 

Taxes are calculated by deducting the Home Exemption amount from the Assessed Value first and then dividing the balance of the Assessed Value by $1,000. Multiply the balance by the appropriate tax rate above.  For Example:

Assessed Value:


Home Exemption:




Divide by $1,000 - Balance


Residential Class A:

x       $3.50

Tax for the Year July 1 to June 30:


The deadline for filing for a Home Exemption is September 30th.

Class (I) Residential Properties without a Home Exemption. Second homes and rentals or primary residences where an owner failed to file for a Home Exemption are assigned to the following two tiers based on the valuation of the property:

 (1)   Residential A Tier 1 tax rate: applied to the net taxable valuation of the property up to $1,000,000; and

 (2)   Residential A Tier 2 tax rate: applied to the net taxable valuation of the property in excess of $1,000,000.

Taxes are calculated by taking the first $1,000,000 of the Assessed Value and divide it by $1,000. Then multiply that by the first tier rate. Take the balance of the Assessed Value and divide it by $1,000 and multiple that by the second tier rate.  Add the two calculations together.  For Example:

Assessed Value


First $1,000,000 of the Assessed Value


Divide by $1,000


Tier 1 Rate

x         4.00

Total Tier 1


Balance of Assess Value


Divide by $1,000


Tier 2 Rate


Total Tier 2


Total Taxes for July 1 to June 30